6 Personalized Gift Ideas

In a world where people are increasingly realizing the burden of having too much stuff, it’s more important than ever to put thought and care into choosing gifts. While friends and family can go out and inexpensively buy food, clothes, toys, etc., anytime they want, they can’t always get a thoughtful and unique gift.


For this very reason, PlaqueMaker has been offering custom, engraved gifts for any occasion and budget. Our high-quality options are something the gift receiver will cherish for years to come because they know time and effort were put into selecting the gift. All of PlaqueMaker’s goods are personalized, meaning you can add special touches that fit the person you’re giving the gift to. They’ll know they’re the only person in the world with a gift quite like theirs.


Whether you’re looking for a gift for Father’s Day, graduation, birthday, or any other special moment, PlaqueMaker has you covered. Here are 6 personalized gift ideas that are guaranteed to be appreciated by someone you love.


Some of the best gifts combine function with a touch of sentiment, and our personalized clocks do just that. Our clocks are perfect for offices, bedside tables, and computer nooks. We have traditional and more contemporary styles to fit any aesthetic.

2. Drinkware

As with a custom clock, drinkware is something that can be used every day by someone of any age or demographic. Our personalized mugs and glasses can be made with phrases and graphics that mean something to whoever you’re making the gift for, so they’ll smile every time they reach for their drink.

3. Keychain

Help someone keep track of their keys and have a unique marker to remind them they’re loved. At PlaqueMakers, we have high-end leather keychains that are timeless in style and perfect for men and women of any age.

4. Ornament

Seasonal gifts are great to give any time of year because the receiver can look forward to pulling it out every Christmas season and think back to the moment you gave them the gift. Personalize our crystal or bamboo ornaments with names, years, and photos to symbolize a special moment.

5. Paperweight

Paperweights are a classic gift for a reason. They serve function and design purposes that anyone with a stack of papers or dedicated office space can appreciate. We carry crystal, marble, acrylic paperweights, and more, so we have something at any price point to fit your budget.

6. Photo Gift

When all else fails, a photo gift pulls through. Photos memorialize history and pull at the heartstrings, no matter the occasion. Frame special photographs or create a “wall of fame” plaque to commemorate someone you love.

For more great personalized gift ideas, shop the PlaqueMaker website. If you’re not sure how to move forward, contact us today with any questions you might have about getting started with your personalized gift.


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