How to Acknowledge Inventors and Their Inventions

Celebrate an inventor’s place in history and recognize their entirely new idea.

Inventions reshape our world, changing the way we view business, manufacturing, science, technology, communications and much more. When someone secures a patent for an invention, their achievement can energize a new product, a new company or an entire industry.

That’s why it’s not only important to celebrate the invention – honoring the people behind the big idea recognizes their impact. Presenting an inventor with a personalized patent plaque shows we value their unique contribution to the company, the world and the future.


Entirely New Achievement

Although it is a standard official document, a patent represents so much more. Inventors dream of designing something patent-worthy. It’s an acknowledgment of a truly one-of-a-kind idea and the exclusive rights to it. A patent says, “You succeeded in creating something entirely new.”

Before patents, inventors find it difficult to lay claim to an original idea or defend it from theft. The first patents trace all the way back to ancient Greece, when the city government of Sybaris announces an award for any citizen who contributes to “new refinement in luxury.” Greek inventors scramble to devise unusual gadgets to impress the wealthy upper class and garner the prize.

Today, the U.S. Government awards most patents in the fields of science and technology. All 10 of 2017’s top recipients of the most patents are based in tech: IBM, Samsung, Intel, Canon, LG, Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Apple and Sony. A few of their most celebrated patents include e-cigarettes, 3D printing, aerial drones, driverless vehicles, machine learning and advances in food technology.

Still, not all patents go to giant tech enterprises. They are awarded to inventors big and small, across hundreds of industries. In the U.S. alone, more than 288,000 patents are awarded each year.


Recognizing the Unsung Hero

Many people don’t realize that achieving a patent comes with no fanfare. Applicants follow a complex documentation and submission process and the government notifies them by letter weeks later. For the inventor, it can feel like a bit of a letdown. Does anyone even care?

By presenting a personalized patent plaque to an inventor, you show that you care deeply about their achievement. Besides, it’s a fantastic opportunity to plan a presentation ceremony that honors them and shares the details of their new invention’s development. This helps coworkers, friends and family members fully appreciate the sacrifices and successes of being an inventor.

A patent plaque is a reward very few people receive. It secures someone’s place in history and serves as a visual reminder of victory, every day. It may even be the spark that ignites their next new discovery.


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