Do Award Certificates Have Any Clout?

People who hold an associate, bachelor’s or graduate degree account for one third of all certificates earned.

In today’s job market, going to school to earn certificates from a community college, technical school or four-year institution is a no-brainer. If, after years in the workforce, you find yourself contemplating a return to school, many professionals are taking the same leap. They discover expanding their knowledge base in new areas of study helps them earn promotions and pay raises or sets them off in a new direction or career path.

Why Are College Graduates Also Earning Certificates?

Learning never ceases. A person continues their education because they want to stay on the cutting edge of their profession. Other motivations include:

  • To Bolster Abilities – Someone who doesn’t grow up working with a computer may be seen as lacking when it comes time for promotion. Having a certificate in IT Network Management stops the doubt.
  • To Learn New Skills – With all the new technology out there, having a certificate in web design, internet security systems or some other IT-related field makes your resume stand out.
  • To Earn a Pay Increase – Additional skills make you the go-to employee and can earn you a raise.
  • To Get a New Job – Some certificates can help make you a hot commodity in your profession. Find out what certificates you need. Do your research by talking with others who have already earned a certificate in what you are considering.
  • To Find a New Career Path – If you are feeling burned out in your current job, consider taking a different path. Certificates take two years or less and you can be back in the workforce doing something you love.

Certificate Versus Certification

Earning a certificate involves a few years of classroom or online education in a particular field. Certification focuses on assessing a person’s knowledge in a specific profession. For example, medical professionals must be re-certified every few years to make sure they are up-to-date on the latest advances in their areas of expertise. IT professionals get certified in different software programs and codes.


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