Corporate Awards


Best Practices for Awesome Sales Presentations

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A Patently Excellent Idea

Show off your inventions with one of PlaqueMaker’s customized patent plaques. From the beginning of time, innovative thinkers have changed the way we live with unique inventions and technological advances … Read More


Tips for Planning Summer Events for the Employees, Family and Friends

From company picnics and employee outings to class reunions and family get-togethers, these summer traditions are a chance to create memorable experiences for all who are invited. We’ve compiled an … Read More


Unexpected Perks of Retirement

What to look forward to most when you have the freedom to pursue your passions. A corporate executive hands over the reins of the business to spend more time working … Read More


Successful Fundraising Using Custom Ornaments

It’s June 25 – six months until Christmas. Schools, businesses, churches, nonprofits, communities, branches of the military, sports teams, medical research organizations and others are starting to develop fundraising strategies … Read More


Organize a Successful Golf Tournament in 12 Easy Steps

As the U.S. Open gets underway this week at Chambers Bay in the Pacific Northwest, we’re inspired to help you set up your own golf tournament. Whether your goal is … Read More


The Father of Flag Day

Every June 14, we commemorate the adoption in 1777 of the Stars and Stripes as the flag of the United States with the observance of Flag Day. The first unofficial … Read More


Custom Engraved Signs for Your Hotel or B&B

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Wayfinding Your Way Around

Have you ever used a sign, landmark, menu or audio to find your way around an office, museum, campus, park or even dining options? If you have, then you are … Read More


First-Ever Awards Presentation at the 2015 Diabetes Coalition of California Annual Meeting

DCC also initiates the “Founder’s Torch Award” to honor volunteers every year. When Chesney Hoagland-Fuchs, Chair of the Diabetes Coalition of California (DCC), and her team begin preparations for the 2015 … Read More