Corporate Awards


The Red & Gold Royal Award Trophy: Understated Elegance

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The Jade Crystal Circle Paperweight: Instant Classic

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Need it ASAP? Try Same Day Shipping from PlaqueMaker

Personalized custom engraved or printed plaques, signs, name badges, headstones, office signs, paperweights or patent plaques shipped the same day. Visit and search “ships today.” You’ll find 10 products … Read More


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10 Golden Rules of Office Cubicles

Your office cubicle is your work home. If you treat your cubicle with respect, you’re not only respecting your co-workers, you’re likely going to be taken more seriously in the … Read More


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Architectural designers have a way to help you find your way in an unfamiliar place. It’s called wayfinding. And there’s a science to it. To create an effective navigation route … Read More


Need a Personalized Plaque in a Hurry?

PlaqueMaker’s Easy Design plaques are customized in no time at all, yet the end result is still fun, creative and special. A thank you for a job well done, congratulations … Read More


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Place QR codes where they can be scanned easily. For instance, printing the QR code on a cup or other transportable item allows your customer to take it with them … Read More


Why Trophies Matter

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