Corporate Awards


Custom Engraved Signs for Your Hotel or B&B

Create high-quality personalized signs for your seasonal business on any budget. The summer vacation season is almost here. Is your bed & breakfast, hotel, resort or other seasonal business ready? … Read More


Save with PlaqueMaker’s Quantity Discount

Discount pricing on bulk orders allows customers to re-sell customized awards, plaques and gifts at a money-raising profit. Does your sports team have an historic winning photo plaque that teammates, … Read More


PlaqueMaker’s Plaque Distribution Program

Work with our Customer Services Specialists to personalize and ship custom plaques and more to honored recipients. Does your company recognize local businesses in “Best Of” competitions? Does your non-profit … Read More


Wayfinding Your Way Around

Have you ever used a sign, landmark, menu or audio to find your way around an office, museum, campus, park or even dining options? If you have, then you are … Read More


First-Ever Awards Presentation at the 2015 Diabetes Coalition of California Annual Meeting

DCC also initiates the “Founder’s Torch Award” to honor volunteers every year. When Chesney Hoagland-Fuchs, Chair of the Diabetes Coalition of California (DCC), and her team begin preparations for the 2015 … Read More


The Ubiquitous Office Cubicle: Home Away from Home?

The inventor of the office cubicle once called the typical American office a “wasteland” that “saps vitality, blocks talent, frustrates accomplishment. It is the daily scene of unfulfilled intentions and … Read More


Crystal Paperweights for a Job Well Done

Cryptic Studios launches Neverwinter, gifting the entire team a congratulatory memento. The year is 2013. Cryptic Studios, a leading developer of very popular online role playing games such as City … Read More


Managing Your Company’s Inventory and Assets with QR Code Technology

Simplify inventory and asset tracking with mobile technology and QR codes. It’s called mobile inventory management – scanning QR codes or barcodes with a mobile device to track retail transactions, … Read More


How Companies Use Patent Plaques to Reward Innovation

Companies all over the world are celebrating employee ingenuity through unique awards programs and patent displays that not only recognize innovation, they motivate creative thinking and invention. In today’s competitive … Read More


Best Practices for Employee Recognition Programs

Saying “thank you” to employees, co-workers, customers and partners has new caché, especially when it comes to outperforming those who don’t. For companies that believe in best practices, new research … Read More