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The Meaning of Memorials for Americans

What meaning and purpose do memorials have in American life? All over America, public memorials and monuments attract millions of visitors each year, while in private, we establish memorials for … Read More


Color Me Red, Pink & White for Valentine’s Day

Red, Pink and White – no other colors are more associated with Valentine’s Day, February’s most heartfelt holiday. Each of these Valentine colors has its own special meaning for lovers, … Read More


Ask PlaqueMaker – Custom Signs for Outdoor Benches

Customer: Do you customize signs made for benches and if so, what materials work best for outdoors? PlaqueMaker: We have several sign options for outdoor benches. Signs made from stainless … Read More


How Game Night is Becoming the Rage in Many U.S. Cities

As people look for more and more ways to socialize beyond their computer screens, Game Night delivers. Monopoly. Chess. Battleship. Poker. Cranium. Cribbage. Trivial Pursuit. Quiz Night. Candyland. Yes, that’s … Read More


History of the Drinking Flask

An American icon remains popular, even today. Throughout history, evidence has proven the popularity of drinking flasks. These durable containers capable of carrying beverages over long distances are first created … Read More


Genealogy Second Most Popular Hobby in America

Tracing your ancestry -also known as genealogy- is almost as popular a hobby in the United States as gardening. And more Americans enjoy gardening than any other hobby! Ancestry sites … Read More


The Meaning of Christmas Colors

Silver and gold, silver and gold; mean so much more when I see Silver and gold decorations on ev’ry Christmas tree -Johnny Marks, Songwriter What are the colors traditionally associated … Read More


For the Love of Chess

If you’re an avid chess player, chances are your brain is different from other brains. Studies show that playing chess provides impressive benefits to our brains. Like those of grandmaster … Read More


Custom Mugs for Hot Drinks

Do you know there’s a science behind the benefits of hot drinks? Take a sip and you’ll see! Pick your poison – whether it’s a cuppa joe or hot chocolate; … Read More


Personalized Hostess Gifts

Whether you’re invited to a holiday party, a dinner party or an overnight stay, the customary thing to do is give the hosts a gift as a way of showing … Read More