Choosing the Right Décor for Your Office

Office décor says something about your style, productivity and passion. What’s your office saying about you?

When your office décor is boring and blah, it gives the impression that you don’t care. Unintentionally, you may be telling visitors that you lack passion for your work, your space and your life.

Office décor is so important, a survey of 1,000 U.S. workers finds that 97% say they view their workplace’s design as a symbol of whether they’re valued by their employer. What’s a little disheartening, though: Just one in four people say they would be proud to show off their workspace to a friend or family member.

Whether you’re in control of the overall décor in your workplace or not, you can inject style and positivity into your personal space. Here’s how to choose the right décor.

Balance Function with Form

It’s a place of business, so any décor choices should be made with both function and form in mind. If it’s not functional, it’s not appropriate – no matter how stylish it may be. Look for pieces that have some soul, with usability at heart.

Add Pops of Color

Traditional cubicles feel bland in part because of their neutral tones. Instead of settling for institutional greys and whites, add pops of color that make you feel inspired. Some people prefer energetic colors like bold orange or lime green; others prefer soothing greens and blues.

Think Up High and Down Low

Make a big impact by adding something large to the ceiling or floor, like an eye-catching light fixture or colorful rug. These high and low spaces are often neglected in offices, but they can make a workspace feel more like home.

Bring in a Focal Point

Office distractions, like bypassers, noise and clutter, seriously reduce productivity. One study finds that every workplace distraction causes a loss of 23 minutes of work time. The solution? Having a focal point. Motivational artwork, a soothing plant or a Zen garden can boost awareness and allow you to keep working productively.

Lighten Things Up

Nearly half of U.S. workers have zero natural light in their workspace. While that’s unlikely to change anytime soon, you can add cheerful lighting to your office today. Warm-toned lights can combat the cold blue tones of office fluorescent fixtures.

Problem-Solve Your Way to Appropriate Office Décor

Take a moment to think about the questionable finds in your current space. Does it need storage space? Seating? A place to rest a mug of coffee? These workspace queries can yield creative solutions. Seize the opportunity to add style and show off your passions.



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