Deserving of Everlasting Honor


Ensure your standout stars will be remembered forever.

If you ever spot perpetual plaques mounted on an office wall, you’ll notice they create a stunning display. Not only can all the people who see them appreciate the winners, every day -the gallery itself represents the high value that company leadership holds for individual and team achievement.

Organizations use perpetual plaques especially when they want to keep a standing public record of past and present award winners. We’ve seen companies use perpetual plaques in all kinds of innovative ways:

  • Customer service superstars
  • Employees of the month
  • Persons with perfect attendance
  • Volunteers of the month
  • Martial arts achievers
  • Customers of the month
  • Teachers, doctors, lawyers or realtors of the year
  • Most valuable players
  • Outstanding alumni
  • Top salespersons of all time
  • Life-saving emergency medical technicians or police
  • Top donors
  • Charity pledge-meisters
  • Achievers in safety and product development
  • Super inventors
  • Protectors of wildlife or the environment
  • The courageous and the brave
  • Retirees, lifetime achievers and memorial honorees

What makes a perpetual plaque so popular is its unique combination of longevity and adaptability. A perpetual plaque is highly customizable because it contains enough space for multiple nameplates with the option of adding more later on. This creates a long-lasting keepsake that possesses a hint of freshness, since more and more winners can join its ranks as time goes by. If the perpetual plaque also includes a place to display a featured photo, well, what better way to put a face on human achievement?

Famous Photos

Photo plaques have a long history in the U.S., starting with early bas relief cameos and brass portraits used to commemorate military victories. Before photography, artists’ renderings are commonly used to honor heroes of all kinds.

As photographic techniques progress, it becomes popular to capture someone in a posed photograph, create an artistic portrait of them or design a colorful photo-illustration using a blend of techniques. The Smithsonian’s Gallery of Presidential Portraits is an example.

Modern perpetual plaques display high-quality photographs that can be changed depending on the current recipient of an award or honor.


Create Custom Perpetual Plaques with Photo Frame at PlaqueMaker

Our perpetual plaques make impressive corporate awards that are long-lasting and stylish. Each perpetual plaque is custom heat-pressed in your choice of ink color with your text and one free logo, photo or clip art. We will print your digital photo for free. Includes top plate and one free plate with the original plaque purchase. Use our online design tools to create your own look or have our professional graphic designers create a look for you. Once you submit your order, a no obligation quote and free proof is emailed to you within one business day. Typically, your order ships from our warehouse two days after you approve your final design.

Design It Yourself – is a family-owned and operated business located in Indiana. Our custom engraved plaques and more are proudly designed in the USA, using materials sourced from all over the world – that is 4 million plaques and counting since 1999! Our professionally-trained graphic designers, craftsmen and customer service specialists manage every aspect of your creative project personally, from design to production to delivery. Because we are an online-only operation with a single, locally-owned facility, we can offer a secure order process, lower prices, and the fastest possible completion. What’s more – we stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Connect with us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, Google+, YouTube and our Blog.


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