For Moments Etched into Memory – Glass Plaques

There’s nothing like an elegant glass plaque to commemorate something special.

A glass plaque shines from your office wall or desktop with crystal brilliance. Visitors can’t help but notice it. Glass catches the eye and sparks the imagination.

When your company presents a glass plaque to an employee, it likely signals a special happening: a huge sales achievement, employee of the year recognition, a celebration of exemplary service, a retirement after decades with the company. Businesses use plaques to create memories and boost camaraderie for the team.

In fact, the much-admired tech company Apple, Inc. is known for giving long-time employees beautiful glass plaques with an etched version of the iconic apple-shaped logo. Each 10-year veteran of the company receives one to display proudly at their workstation.

Glass itself conveys elegance, sophistication and quality. Whether at home or at work, people enjoy displaying glass objects on a shelf, table or desktop – an instant keepsake for moments etched into memory.

Creating Eye-Catching Elegance

The sparkling quality of glass plaques comes from the unique way they’re crafted. The beauty of some glass plaques is made with a laser as it strikes the back of the glass, frosting the lettering and images white. The transparent contrast between the back and front of the glass allows light to bounce in all directions, creating a glimmering effect. Other glass plaques shine with beauty from full color printing. The vivid hues of UV ink add a richness to the natural shine, creating a modern effect.

How can you make the most of this eye-catching elegance when displaying a glass plaque? We find placing it on a flat surface and using a base to hold it upright is the ticket. This way, every side of the glass can have its moment to show off.


Create Custom Glass Plaques at PlaqueMaker

Our glass plaques make great corporate gifts, stylish home décor or perfect mementos for your workspace. Available in a variety of sizes, each glass plaque can be laser engraved or full color printed with your personalized text and one free logo, photo or clip art. Use our online design tools to create your own look or have our professional graphic designers create a look for you. Once you submit your order, a no obligation quote and free proof is emailed to you within one business day. Typically, your order ships from our warehouse two days after you approve your final design.

Design It Yourself – is a family-owned and operated business located in Indiana. Our custom engraved plaques and more are proudly designed in the USA, using materials sourced from all over the world – that is 4 million plaques and counting since 1999! Our professionally-trained graphic designers, craftsmen and customer service specialists manage every aspect of your creative project personally, from design to production to delivery. Because we are an online-only operation with a single, locally-owned facility, we can offer a secure order process, lower prices, and the fastest possible completion. What’s more – we stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Connect with us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, Google+, YouTube and our Blog.


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