Personalized & Full-Color Printed Walnut Wood Plaques


Our beautiful classic walnut wood plaques can be personalized using custom full-color printing.
Perfect for awards, elegant signs or as gifts. Vivid color printing on walnut plaques is UV-resistant and brings out the best in photos, logos, other images or artwork.

Want to Know More About Our UV-Color Printing Process? Check out our Q&A’s

What type of ink is used?

We use a UV-stable ink that’s designed for indoor use with some limited outdoor use on select materials (please email us to verify). It’s the same type of ink used in the auto industry.

What type of images files do we accept?

For UV-printing upgrade, we recommend vector files for logos and clipart. This includes EPS, AI or PDF. For photographs, a high-resolution JPG or PNG should be fine.

How do you request a specific text color?

Just type your request in the Further Comments section of any order form.

Is a color printing upgrade available on all materials?

Please look for special instructions on an item’s page to verify color printing eligibility.

Do we guarantee color matching?

With UV-printing, we now offer Pantone PMS colors, at your request. We cannot always guarantee color matching without standardized colors. We try our best to match your image colors as closely as possible to the original file.

Can you send in an item to be printed?

No. We only offer color printing on our own items. Click to learn more about our Laser Engraving Services for Business.

How durable is the ink?

Ink will not flake, crack or fade with normal use. It will scratch if a knife is applied to it. For the most durable process, please use our laser-fused engraving.

How do you care for color printed items?

Hand wash only. Scrub lightly with a non-abrasive soap and water. For a lifetime of color, keep out of direct sunlight. For use in direct sunlight, please apply lacquer once a year.

Can we print full color photos?

Yes! Please email your high-resolution photo or attach it to your order.

Can we print in white?

Yes. Please be aware that any white space around logos will be printed unless specified otherwise.

How large of an item can we print on?

Depending on the material, we can print items up to 48-inches by 96-inches.

Is the printing flat?

The printing has a textured, raised effect with vivid color.

How do you send your image files?

On each order form, you can choose to Add Art. At this point, you can attach your image files or you can email your images to

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