QR Code Industrial Asset Tags Streamline Inventory

QR code technology instantly gives your company an accurate, real-time snapshot of current inventory.


Mobile Inventory Management is the process of scanning QR codes or barcodes with a mobile device to track inventory, shipments and retail transactions. It gives you the data your company needs on your phone or tablet, simplifying asset management. Staff workers can take inventory quicker, know what stock is ready to ship immediately and determine which items need re-ordering.

Today, businesses use QR code technology for accessing all sorts of information, from serial numbers and maintenance records on equipment to mapping assets with GPS tracking, from how-to instructions, travel schedules and background history to marketing and advertising – all in the name of streamlining the shopping and customer experience. Why? The name says it all: “QR code” is short for “Quick Response Code,” a technology that allows businesses to respond quickly and nearly without question to all of their customers’ needs.

Because QR codes are now used for a variety of business and marketing efforts, find software that generates codes for inventory-specific data. A general QR reader program will not interpret inventory information accurately. Many of those are geared toward marketing and advertisement information. Select one that gathers asset data, works with your database and billing apps, and exports to spreadsheets or as a PDF document.

Get Started with Mobile Inventory Management

  • Select data to track – Decide what info you need from your inventory. Establish this criteria for the initial set-up of the database.
  • Generate QR codes – Think about where the tag is going to be placed. It should be clearly visible to employees. If it will be used outdoors, choose a material that does not fade when exposed to UV light.
  • Keep information current – Make sure that the information linked to the QR code is up to date. If a product is discontinued, remove the code from the system to avoid confusion.

QR Codes Keep Inventory Running Smoothly. The time it takes to set up your QR code inventory database is well worth the effort. Once established, employees can make quick work of tallying supplies and scheduling shipments. Sales representatives can have instant access to current inventory even while on the road. Your company runs more efficiently and experiences less overstocked items.


Create QR Code Industrial Asset Tags at PlaqueMaker

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