Bulk Orders Make Good Business Sense


Pre-planning is how businesses know where their budgets are spent. Buying items in bulk lower the per unit price and allow companies to save.

Would it be more advantageous for a company to give out quarterly employee awards buying them one at a time or in bulk? If your business wants all workers to wear identical corporate name tags, wouldn’t buying them in mass be smart? Companies have long known bulk orders make good business sense. Organizational pre-planning is essential for finding the perfect supplier and placing the appropriately-sized orders.

PlaqueMaker.com Offers Quality and Savings

For a company presenting monthly awards to staff members or hanging office signs in a new location, preparation and budgeting is a must. Finding suppliers offering high-quality products, client customization and quantity discounts can be difficult. That is why so many organizations turn to PlaqueMaker.com to cover all these needs.


Non-profit Organizations Also Benefit from Quantity Discounts

Charities can benefit from buying in bulk. Awards presented to generous donors or dedicated volunteers can be ordered and stored until needed. Selling personalized bricks as part of a fundraising program is a very successful way to raise awareness and money for a good cause.

Why Take Advantage of PlaqueMaker’s Quantity Discounts?

  • To Save Money – Buying in bulk brings the per item cost down, which is great for the budget.
  • To Stay Consistent – Buying items like awards and plaques in volume means these corporate honors are all made of the same high-quality materials like glass, metal, wood and acrylic.
  • To Establish Uniformity – Ordering office signs, name tags or directional signs with the same corporate branding keeps the desired look consistent down to the smallest detail.
  • To Help the Business Grow – The money saved by buying in bulk goes back into the company.
  • To Leverage Company Branding – You can use one piece of artwork such as a corporate logo. Your design includes unlimited text characters and any engraving or printing comes with no setup fee.
  • To Enjoy Excellent Customer Service – Most products ship free and there is no minimum order. Customer Service Specialists are available to answer any questions you have regarding your design.
  • To Be 100% Satisfied – PlaqueMaker.com stands behind our products. If you are not satisfied, simply return your order for a full refund. We also stand behind our website. There is no credit card risk, so your information is secure.

Partner with PlaqueMaker.com

Whether your business rewards an employee’s hard work, showcases the corporate brand throughout a new work environment or needs products for a fundraiser, buying in bulk allows you to do more for less. When you begin planning for the year ahead, partner with PlaqueMaker.com to get the most out of your bulk buying needs.

Design It Yourself – PlaqueMaker.com

PlaqueMaker.com is a family-owned and operated business located in Indiana. Our custom engraved plaques and more are proudly designed in the USA, using materials sourced from all over the world – that’s 4 million plaques and counting since 1999! Our professionally-trained graphic designers, craftsmen and customer service specialists manage every aspect of your creative project personally, from design to production to delivery. Because we are an online-only operation with a single, locally-owned facility, we can offer a secure order process, lower prices and the fastest possible completion. What’s more – we stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Connect with us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, Google+ and our Blog.


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