The Shield – Symbol of Honor

Police officers, firefighters and military service members are perfect candidates for handsome shield awards.

Do you know a local hero who should be honored with a shield plaque? The shield has long been a symbol of honor that recognizes people who work for the good of others, like police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders, although its appeal extends far beyond these community standouts.

Behind the Shield

The classic shield award reflects a respect for honor, tradition and community service. The elongated oval or diamond shape is inspired by a knight’s shield, which is designed to be held in front of the body to absorb blows. The long bottom half protects the torso and legs, while cutouts around the top allow a view of the opponent. In ancient fighting traditions, warriors use a sword for offense while defending with a shield. For this reason, the shape of a shield is commonly regarded as a humble and protective symbol.

Many Kinds of Heroes

Some say the shield also echoes the shape of a heart, which can explain the human emotion behind its use as a ceremonial award for people who deserve recognition for their bravery and honor in battle. Plaques and awards in the shape of a shield are commonly given to community stars and those in service professions. While a shield award is perfect for a city police chief, it’s also a budget-friendly way to honor an unsung hero like a tireless volunteer for a local charity. Other idea-starters for presenting shield plaques:

  • To honor a war veteran or outstanding member of the armed forces
  • To reward a company security officer
  • To recognize youth heroes who save animals and the environment
  • To commemorate an act of bravery
  • To thank a beloved teacher
  • To acknowledge a dog trainer, scuba instructor or martial arts sensei

When someone receives a shield plaque, they instantly know it’s a sign of respect from the presenter. It’s also something they can hang on their wall and appreciate as a personal triumph for the rest of their lives.


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