Tiny Billboards for Your Staff

Do your employees wear custom name tags?

If not, you’re missing an excellent opportunity to connect with customers and project a high level of professionalism. A custom name tag is like a little billboard that rides around with each employee, providing information and promoting your brand.

In fact, name tags are one of the least expensive ways to boost your overall brand identity. Plus, you can help every employee shine with a personalized name tag.

Making Personal Connections

A name tag tells your customers so much more than an employee’s name. It can share basic information like your company name, plus eye-catching details that peak the customer’s interest and get them talking.

Motivational speaker Scott Ginsberg, the self-described World’s Expert on Name Tags, says they communicate attributes and ideas like friendliness, identity, culture and human nature. He calls name tags “a permission slip to say hello to a random stranger” in a world where people are often uncomfortable talking to strangers.

Name tags can share details like:

  • Company brand and logo
  • Marketing theme or motto
  • An employee’s years of service
  • Award winning status like Employee of the Month
  • 5-star company service rating
  • Top ranking on TripAdvisor or Yelp
  • Kudos for products and services such as best sellers, earth-friendly status and more

You might be surprised what a conversation starter a name tag can be. Imagine a brand-new customer noticing a motto on an employee’s name tag like, “Home of the Famous $1 Upgrade.” Now they’re curious about the $1 upgrade, which opens an upsell conversation for your employee. Money.

Wearing Your Heart on Your Name Tag

In service professions, name tags show people you welcome them and care about them. From the first moment they interact with one of your employees, they have a name to put with the face. This is crucial at hospitals, medical offices, retirement communities, museums, nonprofit organizations and other people-focused settings.

Name tags also show that you care about maintaining a high level of professionalism and trust at your company. This is important for any field where employees enter customers’ homes or provide personal services: realtors, equipment installers, financial advisers, landscapers, day care workers, pet groomers, massage therapists.

Say You’re Creative Without Saying a Word

Custom name tags are an excellent way to stand out from your competition and show that your company operates at a higher creative level. This is ideal for professions like graphic design, architecture, jewelry, hair styling, bridalwear, custom auto shops and public relations.

Custom tags really pay off at events where you’re seen side-by-side with your competitors: community festivals, trade shows and job fairs. When every employee has a bright, personalized name tag, your company looks like a leader in the field.

Name Tag Tips

Ready to order name tags? Ensure you get the most out of your investment:

  • Take advantage of online chat. A good name tag company will likely offer this service for those times when you have questions while designing yourself.
  • Ask about deals. By ordering at a higher quantity or picking a certain pre-set design, you might be able to get more bang for your buck. Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts and sales.
  • Stick with the pros. Make sure the company you order from has plenty of expertise and lots of reviews from happy customers.


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