Turn a Blank Wall into a Creative Canvas for Stylish Décor


Express your design style by decorating with framed artwork of all shapes and sizes.

If that plain wall in your living room is stifling your inner décor diva, it’s time to turn that wall -or stairway or room divider- into your own personal canvas. Whether you are going for an eclectic shabby chic look or a uniform modern motif, displaying a collage of your favorite framed artwork is an excellent solution for filling large spaces. The trick is to get creative about the frames and the things they hold.


Picture This

Picture frames can hold so much more than pictures. Try framing a china plate, a texturized board such as cork or preserving an antique handkerchief. Pressed flowers, a page of mechanical illustrations pulled from a book, maps and children’s drawings are also very popular. Of course, photos work beautifully, too.

The frame is often as much a work of art as the photograph or painting inside. Hanging an unusual thrift find or an heirloom frame empty can become a conversation starter. Hanging an entire grouping of empty frames will start your guests talking, for sure.

A single frame style can unify a group of seemingly unrelated pictures and objects. It works the same as printing a series of images in black and white. Customizing different frames with the same paint color or stencil could work. Engraving or color printing favorite quotes on all the frames in a grouping can also bring your wall art together.

It depends on what mood you want to create in the room. Determine the key pieces to focus on and build from there.

Before You Hammer a Nail

You can research wall layouts for photo galleries and find a photo collage program online, but there is no wrong design. Ultimately it comes down to what you like. Here’s how you can feel confident with your décor plan before you start hanging hooks:

  1. Gather your frames – Assess what you have and what you might need. If your supply is limited to ones that hold only one size, search for other sizes or different shaped frames that add interest.
  2. Decide on style – Do you want a mixture of antique and modern or a collection of uniform frames? Be brave, include broken or damaged pieces with intricate carvings to strike a contrast. In a world of upcycling, all can be reused.
  3. Find your starting point – Locate the center of your space and estimate how expansive you want your design. Will it be a small grouping above a piece of furniture or a continuous display down a hallway?
  4. Use a focal point – Select a key piece and build the collage around it.
  5. Cut out shapes – Use craft paper to cut out the sizes and shapes of your frames and artwork. Tape them to the wall. Arrange them until you find the layout you like. Tip – leave them up for a few days to see if the design is what you want. Or find a photo collage program online.
  6. Branch out – Consider hanging other artwork with your framed pictures such as mirrors, wreaths, textiles or shelves for vases and statues.

Make It a Reflection of You

Once you have the layout you want, match up your frames and artwork to your cutouts and start hanging. That blank wall is just a memory because your new picture frame gallery is a personal reflection of you and your interests. Every time you look at it, you may be inspired to take on more creative challenges in your quest for stylist home décor.


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