[Video] 6 Lifehacks for Using QR Codes

  1. Place QR codes where they can be scanned easily. For instance, printing the QR code on a cup or other transportable item allows your customer to take it with them for easy scanning.
  2. Tell the customer exactly what they will get when they scan a QR code, and make it worth the scan.
  3. Make sure your QR codes can be scanned by both Android and iPhone devices.
  4. Your website must be mobile friendly. The QR code call to action must be easy to find.
  5. Size your QR code appropriately. How does it fit best into the scanning window? Customers will likely be standing when they scan it.
  6. Provide an alternative link for customers in case they haven’t downloaded a scanning gap to their device; preferably a short, concise URL.

QR codes are those square pixelated boxes seen on products, advertising and other places that are only readable by digital scanners. The “QR” stands for Quick Response, and QR codes can hold about 100 times more information than a standard barcode. They enable businesses to connect offline customers with online content in an interactive way that’s easier to use than entering a URL, keying in a number or sending a text.

Make QR Codes Worth the Scan

Whether it’s a freebie, informative content or entertainment, experts say the trick to a successful QR code campaign is to provide value to make it worth the scan – like these ideas:

  • For instant gratification such as scan to order, scan to “like”, scan to download, scan to view a video or listen to a song, scan to reveal a coupon code or exclusive offer.
  • For easy access to more detailed information such as nutritional data, tech specs, read the full article, customer ratings and reviews, etc. –the kind of information people want.
  • For direct links on business cards or mailings that link directly to Google Maps for directions, scan to send a text or call a number for entering a contest, reporting a problem or to get help.


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