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Do you know about PlaqueMaker’s clip art gallery?

All our custom engraved or printed orders include one piece of artwork at no cost to you. Like a logo, photo or clip art!

Suppose you want to personalize it with flowers. We have over 55 different clip art flowers to choose from! Plus, it’s fun and easy to design it yourself with PlaqueMaker’s online design tools.

Invoke Romance of a Bygone Era

The language of flowers, or floriography as it’s sometimes called, is a beautiful, romantic and secretive way of communicating heartfelt emotions using flowers. Throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, cultures have attributed meaning to each species of flower, used to represent emotions such as love. During the 19th century in Victorian England, gifts of blooms and “talking bouquets” called nosegays or tussie-mussies were exchanged, giving the sender a way to express feelings that could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society. In addition to a growing interest in botany, Victorians used floral dictionaries as a source to confirm a flower’s meaning. Routledge’s edition of The Language of Flowers, first published in 1884, continues to be reprinted to this day.

Floriography became popular in the United States around 1830, attracting the attention of celebrated women writers, editors and magazines of the day, such as Ladies’ Magazine. Several poems were written exploring the language of flowers, including Lucy Hooper’s The Lady’s Book of Flowers and Poetry, first published in 1841. Other comprehensive dictionaries include:

  • Language of Flowersby Kate Greenaway
  • The Floral Offering: A Token of Affection and Esteem Comprising the Language and Poetry of Flowersby Henrietta Dumont
  • The Language and Sentiment of Flowersby James D. McCabe

Looks like everything’s coming up roses for you!

Visit Our Clip Art Gallery

With hundreds and hundreds of images to illustrate your personalized plaques and gifts, a visit to our clip art gallery could be an inspiration. All PlaqueMaker orders include one piece of artwork at no cost to you; design with additional images for only $10 per piece. Call one of our customer service specialists at 866-880-9617 if you have any questions or need help designing your pieces.

“Really good quality items, big selection for personalization, fast shipment. Really good customer service.”

– Caban, via TrustPilot

About PlaqueMaker.com

PlaqueMaker.com is a family-owned and operated business located in Indiana. Our custom engraved plaques and more are proudly designed in the USA, using materials sourced from all over the world – that’s 4 million plaques and counting since 1999! Our professionally-trained graphic designers, craftsmen and customer service representatives manage every aspect of your creative project personally, from design to manufacture to delivery. Because we’re an online-only operation with a single, locally-owned facility, we can offer a secure order process, lower prices and the fastest possible completion. What’s more – we stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.


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